Men Want to Look like Glazed Donuts, too

Words and Photos / Ari Gonzalez   

       For years, men wearing makeup was a taboo subject that no one ever thought would become as trendy and popular as it is today. However, men have been wearing makeup for decades! If you were a true scene kid in middle school, odds are all of your guy friends were wearing eyeliner. Far beyond that, the history of men wearing makeup goes way back to China and Japan around 2000 BC and can be seen throughout history.

       So why is it that men wearing makeup has become so taboo and “unmanly”? As things like machismo began to gain popularity and gender roles were more strictly enforced, men began to think of makeup as something that only women could wear. However, as our society continues to move forward, become more liberal, and begins to become more accepting of the breaking of normal gender roles, men and women alike have finally began to get a safe place to express themselves.  

       In recent years, the beauty community has grown to become so much bigger than what it once was. Through the huge growth and popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, a new beauty community was able to be built. This new beauty community has brought many beauty influencers to fame -- such as Jaclyn Hill, Nikkie Tutorials, and Nicole Guerrerio -- and has also created a place for men to finally feel free to express themselves through makeup. As female beauty influencers become more and more popular, so do the men in the beauty community. Men like Manny MUA, Patrick Star, and Jeffree Star have become extremely popular and have shown other guys interested in makeup that it is okay to be male and wear a full-beat face. Beauty brands such as Benefit, Makeup Geek, and Anastasia Beverly Hills have even finally began to collaborate with male makeup artists, creating palettes with them and even putting them in ads and gondolas on Sephora. Covergirl is another company that has at last recognized the talent of male makeup artists. On October 11th, Covergirl announced that they were going to have their first ever Coverboy. James Charles, an incredibly talented 17 year old makeup artist and social media beauty influencer, was given the honor to be the very first man to be one of the faces of Covergirl. It is about time that men begin to receive the credit and attention that they deserve. Afterall, some of the most famous celebrity makeup artists and world-renowned makeup artists of our time are males. Men such as Wayne Goss, and Mario Dedivanovic have been ruling the makeup world for years.

       Just as fashion, sculpting, and music are art forms, so is makeup. The transformations that can be made through makeup are just as impressive as an artist transforming a blank canvas into a painting. It is great to see that our society is slowly but surely becoming more open to the idea that the art of makeup does not have to be created solely by women, but rather an artform that can be created by anyone who wishes to do so. Makeup is a form of self-expression that can change our mood and boost our confidence, just like fashion. Personally, I love seeing a man with the confidence to wear a full face of makeup out in their everyday life. Not only does it inspire me to become just as comfortable in my own skin, but it also inspires me to think outside the box and create makeup looks that make me feel good and proud of the art that I am creating.