London producer, Zomby, employs a rather mystical and grim narrative throughout all of his music, creating new-age soundtracks for the modern misfit.

I chose Freja Beha Erichson because I love her effortless style. Her hair is always unkempt, she frequently poses partially nude, and she has some fairly masculine features. She wears a lot of leather jackets, denim, and menswear and she makes it look sexy without trying too hard. There is a reason she is one of Karl Lagerfeld's muses. I always look at her and think to myself, "I wish I was that cool." So I strive to be as effortlessly cool as her in my own way. I also love her tattoos.

Today's Monday muse is the Dartford-bred King of Debauchery, Keith Richards. One of the original members of the Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger's "Glimmer Twin," Richards is walking rock'n'roll history. As a teenager, he soaked up all the Black Chicago R&B music he could get his hands on and incorporated it into the popular rock narrative (writing with Jagger), catapulting them into the cultural stratosphere. Famed for his excessive partying and staggering heroin addiction, Richards has regularly been the subject of controversy, but he has the uncanny ability to walk away from trouble unscathed. 
Aesthetically, Keith Richards is a treasure-trove of groupie-sponsored closet envy (he would always wear his girls' clothes). Never afraid to lean towards the outlandish, Richards and the Stones redefined allure for an entire generation through the simple act of wearing the shit out of whatever they wanted to wear. How do we take inspiration from that? We dust off our fur coats, wrap scarves around our heads, click our platform heels three times and say: "There's no place like Stones concert.

Today’s Monday Muse is Welsh-Greek singer-songwriter Marina & the Diamonds! Her songs are powerful and evocative, filled with emotional and profound lyrics. She deals with a variety of subjects ranging from human behavior to the complexity of love. I created this playlist with these characteristics in mind, choosing songs from other solo female artists.

Lil Uzi Vert embodies everything fun about music; he has style, crazy stage presence, and a native Philadelphian attitude. He may be new to the game, but he's already made an impact on the trap/rap scene. He's featured artists on his tracks such as Future, Playboy Carti, and Young Thug. Wth his new mixtape, "the Perfect Luv Tape", Uzi proved he'll be around for a while.

Happy Monday! Today's Muse is a band from Mexico called Zoe. They sound like the Broken Bells, but in Spanish. Zoe performed at ACL back in 2014, and I actually had the chance to see them! So in the spirit of ACL fest as well as Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep. 15 - Oct. 15) I created this playlist to help your week start off right :) 

The French artist JR is a street artist that displays his art everywhere in the world. His inspiration is the people, their lives, story and the movement of life itself. He was very inspirational for me and for this playlist, where I talk about the world too.

“It is ok to be unapologetic, so long as you do it with dignity.” Destiny Frasqueri, better known by her rap alias Princess Nokia, is a modern day multi-faceted feminist rap icon. When you first listen to her music, you immediately get a sense of her repping where she’s from: the pounding bass in combination with her unadulterated, punchy lyrics are representative of her hometown hub of Spanish Harlem in combination with the gritty Bronx. She stays grounded no matter how much fame and attention she receives; she remains individualistic and proud of her culture, not even just concerning her city, but of her Afro-Latina descent. Although most might draw specific conclusions of how she is as a person based on her raunchy rap style, she is continuously advocating her strong beliefs concerning feminism, especially as a woman of color. She goes on to say, “I’m a strong woman of color. I think underneath every strong woman of color is a feminist, whether they identify with that or not.” As far as her sense of fashion goes, it differs on a daily basis, one day emanating the low-maintenance style of 90s East Coast rap complete with oversized baseball jerseys and baggy pants, and the next day being in touch with her black nativism, wearing flowers in her hair and flowy, almost angelic clothing. This up-and-coming female rapper is not to be put in a box. Her overall style is ever-changing, almost hard to keep up with, but constantly leaving you wanting more and waiting to see what she dares to pull off next.