Counting down the women shaping music and fashion in 2015

By / Margeaux Labat

Fashion is an art form. So is music. For some, mastery in either respective field takes years of practice and effort. For others, excelling just seems to come naturally and effortlessly. However, being an extremely gifted musician and being able to stunt in basically anything you wear seems to be nearly impossible for some. Being coined as both a music icon and a fashion icon in today’s pop culture industry might seem like a lot of pressure, but for these 6 iconic women, being someone whose songs get stuck in people’s heads in combination with their clothes that we want in our closets is just a part of who they are. CABRA counts down our top 6 fashion and music divas of 2015:

1.     Rihanna


Bahamian pop icon Rihanna not only tops the charts with her multiple albums, singles, and music projects, but draws constant attention from the media and the public eye alike with not only her daring ensembles to every major fashion event and award ceremony of the season, but her street-style, constantly slaying the masses on a day-to-day basis. Not only did she leave people jaw-dropped and bug-eyed from her yellow dress that she wore to this year’s Met Gala (which is now an integral part of fashion history), but her blush-colored one-sleeved oversized coat dress that she wore to the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2016 catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week left people stunned and shocked in the best way possible.

2.     Gwen Stefani

This No Doubt frontwoman has had one of the most memorable style evolutions known to the pop world, evolving from her pigtail-wearing brace-faced SKA 90s days into the full-blown fashion powerhouse she is today. Known for her frequent collaboration of vintage pin-up style and modern glamour, Gwen Stefani’s style changes as much as her music style. Still going strong after five years, her fashion-line L.A.M.B. is heavily influenced by not only her own crazy style but her love for Guatemalan, Japanese, Indian and Jamaican culture.

3.     FKA twigs

            Combining the realism and the avant-garde, the weird and the sexy, the intellect and the introspective, FKA twigs is the type of artist where you probably don’t really understand just quite what you’re listening to, but some force inside of you, whether it be your brain, your heart, or your nether-regions, compels you to vibe along with her infectious voice and intense beats. Being ethereal, magical, and unique is something that not only comes across through her music, but also through her eclectic-yet-editorial fashion, constantly making statements on the street with Hollywood heartthrob and her beautiful beau, Robert Pattinson. 

4.     M.I.A.

            Bold and brash are two words that adequately describe Hip-Hop bad gal M.I.A., both in terms of her music and her style. Making and performing provocative synth-rap that has not-so subtle undertones of social commentary, Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam is the type of badass that would flip you off as a means of saying hello. This I-don’t-give-a-f**k attitude is what makes her so alluring to the public eye, causing her to stand out from all the stereotypical “America’s Sweetheart” wannabes in the music industry today. On top of her awesome sound and attitude, M.I.A.’s controversial style has never failed to catch the attention of many, usually rocking neons, metallics, or animal prints both onstage and off.

5.     Karen O

Though relatively toning down her sound for her solo project, Crush Songs, that was released in 2014 separately from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O still manages to rock flashy and super-loud outfits on stage, combining bright, sexy, and bizarre elements to make her performing costumes as memorable as her award-winning songs. 

6.     Nicki Minaj

            Obviously occupying a spot on this list -- since what would be a fashion icon list without her? a joke, that’s what it would be -- Nicki Minaj’s fashion evolution throughout her years in the spotlight has been one that will be forever remembered in fashion and music history alike. From her neon, flashy, and creative wig-wearing alter-ego Harajuku Barbie days of Pink Friday, Minaj has toned down her style relatively recently, looking more elegant and chic, totally making herself into the well-rounded accomplished bad b*tch she is today. Constantly being compared to 90’s rap icon Lil’ Kim, Nicki has proved to the world that she is in fact her own person, making people say “Lil’ Kim who?” (no offense to Lil’ Kim...).