Fashion Is a Natural Science

By / Chris Gonzalez

What I always found interesting is the constant battle between art and science. I always hear people saying things like “Omg, like I’m so bad at math,” or “I’m not really that creative, so…” I would be lying if I said I was exempt from this feeling limited for both problem solving and adding each person’s own creative twist. So my natural reaction when I hear these sentences falling out of other’s mouths is threatening to hurl them into a pit of lava. I’m about to lay to rest this black or white between arts and science.

            Okay so, as a wonderful professor once taught me, “define what you’re arguing, lay out criteria, then just verbally wrestle the opposing argument into submission, you can handle that annoying family member at the dinner table during the holidays.”  *cracks fingers*

            So what is a natural science? 1) Understanding demand and manipulating resources to fit needs 2) A natural science must analyze raw materials, and work with them in a repeatable method to produce a specific product. 3) Finally a natural science is constantly peer editing, and accepting novel ideas to widen the breadth of the field. Now that we have our criteria defined lets dismantle this divide between my two loves.

            First, so your wifi is out. You cry and you scream, and you probably call an ineffective computer savy person who works in computer science (a natural science). Those who work in fashion do quite the same, just in a different scope. They see a need for, say, mesh jersey shirts (highly recommend personally, great circulation) and they bring it into reality. Fashion producers take a demand, formulate an idea, and produce something that meets the needs. Just call the fashion producers Textile Engineers, if you will. It kind of just rolls off the tongue.

So, numero dos, perhaps one of the most interesting, overlooked ideas are where the materials come from that give a heartbeat to fashion. A designer doesn’t just walk up to a bale of cotton and just start chewing at the ends and summon a dress. It takes experts across many different fields to process the raw materials (manipulating resources), put them through a middle school caliber method of refining (fit to needs) for that glorious bolt of cloth to meet hands of the designers (specific product).

The last point, and probably the easiest to prove, is the continual growth of the field by innovative and creative avenues to explore. While much “traditional” natural science info is hurled into the world through academic journals, fashion preaches in the exact same way. Through constant publishing, magazines such as Vogue, Nylon, Vanity Fair, etc. house all of these glorious ideas. Ideas that burst through the runway, in stores, onto our backs that are all are peer reviewed by other designers, and experts in the field. Thus you have the expansion of fashion through the lens of a science eye and through the eye of the consumer.

            Now that you have all these arguing points to bring up with fellow clan members, I hope that I have proven to you that this art we call fashion, is also quite the science. Now go, go be spreaders of knowledge and inform people that art and science CAN AND DO coexists.