On Vinyl Takes Volstead

By / Isabella Castro-Cota

On Vinyl Music hosted an event at the Volstead Lounge, Feb. 28, featuring Cabra members and Zine Thing.  The event featured Born Again Virgins, Fair City Fire, and Hunter Sharpe in the indoor stage while crawfish and zine making took the outside slots.

Attendee John Griffin said, “it felt like a great kickoff to spring—it was a beautiful day and crawfish served outside while bands killed it on the inside. The zine table was fun and the venue provided the perfect atmosphere for a laid-back, Sunday afternoon show.”

Another onlooker, Tiffany Pritchett, echoed this and said she ended up “spending most of the event outside since the weather was great and the zine making table was dope.”

Equipped with glitter, glue, and magazines, members of Cabra brought along the tools to collage and craft to your heart's desire. Every participant put their own spin on it, whether it be a demonic Ted Cruz, stoner grandmother, or just an explosion of glitter, all the zines were just as cool and inviting as the music inside, which made the partnership a perfect match.

“We partnered with CABRA because I passed their booth at St. Edward's when they were doing Zine Thing and thought I'd share the love. I started an organization on campus when I was a freshman (Topper Radio) and I understand how difficult it can sometimes be.” Nathalie Phan, On Vinyl Co-Founder.

Besides the music and zine making, onlookers and participants also took part in devouring the crawfish. Served with potatoes and filled to the brim, it made the day feel even more laid-back and entertaining. Coupled with the trendy atmosphere of the Volstead, it was bound to be an amazing time.

“Volstead just seemed like the perfect place for the event with its vintage vibe and intimate stage space.” Phan said.

Attendees agreed saying the place was unlike many of the other Austin venues, it was large enough for a crowd but still had the intimacy many large venues lack today.

“The Volstead was such a unique venue and I really enjoyed the outdoor area. I liked how you could be outside, and still hear the music and feel a part of the crowd. It was in a really trendy part of town also, and I definitely want to go again.” Pritchett said.

You can keep up with On Vinyl on their website (atxonrecord.com), Twitter (@onvinylmedia), and Instagram (@onvinylmusic) and make sure to hit them up at their next event!