Who Runs the World? Girls.

By / Evguenia Gololobova

If you look at historical record dates dating back only a century ago, in many parts of the world, women did not have much leverage or control over their lives and taking on governmental roles such as president, judge, or ambassador was close to impossible. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and women are some of the most empowering and influential political icons the world has ever known. They are our presidents, judges, prime ministers, and legislators, advocating for social causes and inspiring women of future generations to pursue any career they set their minds on. Women holding these prestigious positions of power have also become fashion symbols in the political and professional world. CABRA commends the world’s top political women leaders who have made memorable and creative fashion choices, all while dealing with some of the world’s most difficult issues.

1.     Jackie Kennedy

Style legend of the 1960s, First Lady Jackie Kennedy was the symbol of fresh sophistication throughout all her time at the White House. Her style was compromised of solid, pastel colors and intricate detail that helped distinguish her among a crowd of thousands everywhere she went. As one of the most important political figures of her era, she took every effort to preserve and restore the historical significance of the White House and its contents, as well travel throughout the globe to create foreign ties with European campaign figures. Throughout her Kennedy administration, she managed to gain both criticism and admiration for her iconic fashion choices, as well as attract international support for her political achievements.

2.     Michelle Obama

As a Princeton and Harvard graduate, Michelle Obama has become a memorable and influential First Lady in the United States through her efforts of gaining U.S. veterans more health and financial benefits, and create better health regimes throughout schools across the country to improve kids’ dietary needs and lifestyles. Obama has accomplished her goals all while maintaining a professional, and stylish wardrobe. Wearing brands ranging from J.Crew and Michael Kors, Michelle Obama created a personal standard in regards to her clothing of choice and continues to create new fashion trends in confidence wherever she goes.

3.     Rania, Queen of Jordan

Queen Rania of Jordan has been known to take on and embrace fashion risks before taking on a royal position. From ensembles such as elegant gowns and sporty and chic suits, Queen Rania has reflected both Western and Middle Eastern cultures in her clothing. Aside from contributing to the fashion world, she has also participated in various global and socially driven causes such as advocating education for all children and working with charities that empower young girls and women in third world regions.

4.     Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Current President of Liberia and Nobel Prize Winner, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is considered one of the world’s most powerful women and is known as the first woman to be voted as the head of state in Africa. Her progressive actions in her country have been complimented by her choice of political clothing, which are traditional Africa garments, composed of a shawl, headscarf, and a long dress, which comes in many different bold colors, as a symbol of gratitude and pride towards her country.